the History of Sarin Technologies
In 1988 Sarine Technologies, world's primary diamond technology company was born.
Over the ensuing two decades and a half Sarine Technologies evolved to become the international market leader in diamond technology, providing products, solutions and support throughout the diamond industry.
Sarine Technologies innovative products have changed the very nature of the diamond industry. The diamond manufacturing, planning, polishing, measuring and grading processes have become more efficient, more sophisticated and with a higher level of accuracy
Sarine Technologies pioneered the accurate measurement of a polished diamond's geometry twenty years ago and enabled the Cut grade to be implemented by the leading gemological laboratories worldwide and after several years by all gemological laboratories. The Cut grade of a diamond has since become an important factor for consumers when purchasing diamonds. Knowing the Cut grade of your diamond enables you to better know the polishing quality, and therefore its overall quality.
Subsequently, Sarine developed new technologies to optimally plan and polish rough diamonds. Sarine's planning technologies have enabled manufacturers to reach the desired Cut grade efficiently and with increased precision and understanding and are now implemented throughout the diamond process, worldwide.
Sarine provides top technological products to enhance the trade and the in-store buying and selling experience, increasing the confidence of retailers and customers alike.
Whilst new emerging market trends will continue to change, as will consumer needs, Sarine will continue to fulfill those needs with advanced technological products offering quality, accuracy, and consistency