the Power of Sarine Light
Sarine, the global diamond technology leader, developed the Sarine Light to evaluate, measure and grade the light performance of a diamond. It is the most accurate machine in the market today.
The Sarine Light evaluates how the light plays within the diamond and the amount of the light that is returned out of the diamond, back to you. In essence, the Sarine Light gives you the ability to know and understand the true beauty of your diamond.
Once a diamond is placed in the Sarine Light machine, it automatically measures the diamonds 4 light parameters, Brilliance, Fire, Sparkle and Light Symmetry, which is then merged into a total grade.
By choosing a diamond that has been measured with the Sarine Light you will know exactly how much light, therefore beauty, is reflected back out. Knowing your diamonds Light Performance grade will make your decision a much easier, relaxing and secure process.
With the Sarine Light you will get the ultimate package; the diamond, the light performance report and total confidence in your purchase. Having your diamond graded with the highest precision, you will no longer have to wonder whether the diamond you bought is truly beautiful, you will know.